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Yo..this NYC gig is getting *interesting* might be the death of us all.

One actor is ummm...let's say "flighty". Another actor is taking 2 weeks of vacation...right in the middle of our whole six week rehearsal period. Another actor just got cast in a Bogdonavich movie which is shooting...wait for it...

during the same time period that actor 2 is going to be on vacation.

Did I mention that this is a 3 person play?

Pass the Valium Xanax Whiskey Cocktail, please. Make it director needs one, as well.

This rehearsal schedule would be laughable if it wasn't so painful.

I think they'd push it back, if it hadn't been pushed back once, already...and that was because actor #3 (the one in the movie, now) got cast in a Broadway play...which, by the way, is extending well into the rehearsal period for the play *we're* two weeks.

If we pull this shit off, I'm puttin' a feather in my cap, and demanding a star in my crown.

Date: 2013-07-06 12:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I hear one person plays are very popular now...

It is quite a feather. Probably a whole wing.

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