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Just a couple of links I want to keep track of.

I'm off to Ogunquit, ME to officiate a beach wedding! It's like a little vacation with two very good friends. Should be a blast!

I'm re-doing week 1 of C25K for the THIRD time. Until the cigarettes are gone, I'll keep doing week 1...because I don't think I can breathe through week 2. I've started Chantix...this is day 3. I've tried to quit a million times, by myself, and it just never sticks, so I decided to use a crutch, this time...because I really want to be done with the habit...evidently not enough to do it by myself...but it's a tough addiction. Trying to not gain weight while quitting strong, Kelly!

And on that note, I'm outta here!

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Gained .2 (two tenths) of a pound this week. I ain't worried about it, really...a little frustrated, but weight loss is like that. I ate "okay" this week. I stayed within my points, but didn't eat nearly the fresh veggies I've been eating, other weeks. Why? Laziness. Pure and simple. I didn't drink alcohol, didn't eat anything out-of-the-way, like cake or goodies.

It just goes like that...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you break even. *shrug* I'll add in more veggies this week...because I like them, and they help round out meals.

Oh crap...I go to Kansas City this week...doesn't mean I'll eat HORRIBLY, but it does mean that I'll be not-eating-at-home...and not-cooking. That's always perilous. I'll do the best I can.

I will.

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